Workshops and Degustations

  • Workshop Japanese green tea
  • Degustations Japanese green tea
  • Cha Kaiseki: Sushi and green tea
Workshop Japanese green tea

Making Matcha tea

Making Matcha tea

During the workshop we taste several different kinds of Japanese green tea. We give more information about the tea and the water treatment, and demonstrate the different preparations of green tea.

The workshop starts with the preparation of Matcha tea. During the Matcha tea degustation we serve delicious Japanese sweets. Meanwhile you can practice preparing Matcha yourself. Next we demonstrate the preparation of Sencha tea; you can taste 2 kinds of Sencha tea, produced in different Japanese regions. Finally you can enjoy Ko’uzi Sushi served with Hojicha tea.

The workshop lasts about 1.5 hrs. and costs 35€, including tea, sweets and sushi. It is possible to make reservations every day of the week. Interested?
 You can contact us via:


phone: +32 3 633 86 99

Or stop by our tea café at Leopoldplaats 12 in Antwerp.

Download the AZUMAYA WORKSHOP flyer here.

Degustations Japanese green tea

Degustation of 3 kinds of Japanese tea

Degustation of 3 kinds of Japanese tea

In addition to the workshops, you can enjoy degustations of different kinds of Japanese green tea at Azumaya. There’s no need to make reservations, just stop by Azumaya anytime and be delighted by the fascinating world of Japanese green tea. During the degustations we offer a lot of background information about Japanese green tea and its preparation.

Cha-kaiseki: Sushi and green tea


Cha-kaiseki Menu 2

Cha-kaiseki is a ‘simple meal’ that is offered to the guest prior to enjoying Japanese green tea. Our Cha-kaiseki combines a tea degustation with delicious Ko’uzi Sushi.

Cha-kaiseki is served at our tea table, so you can follow the preparation of the tea during your lunch. During the preparation of 3 different kinds of tea, we offer additional information about Japanese green tea and Japanese tea culture. The Cha-kaiseki menu consists of a selection of Ko’uzi Sushi, accompanied by 1 or more salads. You can choose between 2 menu options.

Download the Cha-kaiseki flyer here.