Tea from Yame, Fukuoka prefecture

The Yame area in the prefecture of Fukuoka on the isle Kyushu, is one of the highest quality Gyokuro production regions in Japan.
The main reason for this is the large temperature differential and it’s foggy atmosphere.
Naturally limiting the amount of sunlight touching on the leaves, this feature imbues the tea with a natural “kabuse” aroma. Yame teas are generally known for their rich flavor and little bitterness and astringency.

Yame Matcha
Yame Matcha is a very soft Matcha, without any bitterness. The aroma is very strong, but the taste is very soft. Like all thee from Yame, also Yame Matcha has a deep green colour.

Yame Gyokuro
Gyokuro is the highest quality of Japanese green tea available. Before harvest, the tea plants are covered with shadow nets for several weeks. Because of the very high quality, you can infuse with little water for a long time, allowing the tea leaves to release their full flavour, without generating bitterness. This give the Yame Gyokuro a very deep umami taste. When brewed correctly, it will bring you an explosion of taste in your mouth.

Premium Sencha Yame
This Sencha is produced with only the best selection of tea leaves. It has a very deep umami taste, approaching the taste of a Gyokuro.

Map of Yame

Sencha Fukamushi Yame
Deep steamed Sencha: this tea is steamed longer than regular Sencha. This gives the tea leaves a deeper taste, and a very nice deep green colour. Also very nice to serve as an ice-tea!

Sencha Shiraore Yame
Shiraoreis made from the bottom part of high quality tea leaves. It is a mix of tealeaves and veins. The veins give the tea a natural sweet taste.

Sencha Yame
A basic fresh Sencha, with a little umami taste and nice green colour. Also available in teabags!

Genmaicha Yame
Genmaicha is Sencha tea to which roasted rice has been added. This gives the tea a very crispy taste.


Tea from Asamiya, Shiga prefecture

Asamiya, located in the prefecture of Shiga, is one of Japan’s oldest tea-regions. Our producer, a small family business, is currently ran by the 8th generation. They produce the tea leaves with a lot of respect for the century-old traditions. Sencha tea from Shiga is known for it’s golden colour, and delicate and sophisticated taste.


Premium Matcha Katagi Shiga
This Matcha has a very high quality. Its colour is a bit lighter than Yame Matcha, and is complexer in taste, with a subtle touch of bitterness. Exactly how you expect a Matcha to be!

Premium Sencha Iki Shiga
Literally a golden tea! It has a real golden colour and a very subtle taste. This Sencha was awarded as ‘best Japanese green tea’ by Japanese tea producers.

Map of Shiga


Hojicha Asamiya
Hojicha is a Sencha tea that is softly roasted. This premium Hojicha has a lower level of cafeïne. Thanks to its roasted taste, which reminds of nutmeg, is a very popular and accessible tea. Also very nice to serve as an ice tea.

Hojibancha Asamiya
Roasted Bancha: this tea made from the more coarse leaves of the last harvests has a very low caffeine level. It has a soft and easy taste.


Tea from KYOTO

Kyoto is known in Japan as one of the most refined prefectures. From Kyoto we selected a very special tea: Kyo-Bancha


Kyo-Bancha is a smoked bancha tea.The process of smoking gives the tea a very natural and smoked taste. Drinking Kyo-Bancha is a bit like smoking a cigare.

Map of Kyoto