Tetsubin (Japanese Boiling Kettles)

Arare boiling kettle black

 158,68 Incl. VAT

Arare 1L – boiling kettle

Tetsubin (Japanese Boiling Kettles)

Square kettle

 318,18 Incl. VAT

Square 1L - Black boiling kettle

Kyuusu (Japanese Teapots)

Arare Blue (L)

 140,50 Incl. VAT

Nanbu Tekki ironware is exclusively produced in the northern cities of Morioka and Oshu (Mizusawa) in Iwate prefecture. Nanbu Tekki is known for its resistance to abrasion. Colored Nanbu Tekki teapots have excellent heat-retention. On top of that they enhance the quality of the water, making it more healthy and giving it a soft, round taste.