Matcha (50 gr) – recommended for cooking

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50 gr of grinded green tea leaves.


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If you thought Matcha was only for sipping in a teacup, try using it in a food recipe.
We recommend using this Matcha blend for cooking.

Matcha 50 gr is a powder tea made of  grinded tea leaves.
The last weeks before harvest, the tea plants are covered with shadow nets. This forces the plants to create extra polyphenols in order to make its photosynthesis, making the matcha tea very rich in anti-oxidants. The caffeine in Matcha is absorbed slowly by the blood, giving a 3 hour lasting boost of concentration. Your natural red bull!

In order to enjoy the slight bitter taste, Japanese tend to eat something sweet prior to drinking Matcha tea. This way you get the perfect balance between sweet & bitter.

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